Frequently Asked Questions at



1. Can I safely send my credit card and checking account details over the Internet? has set up an alliance with NetBilling, a company specialized in Internet credit card and "ECheck" handling. The subscription form is a COMPLETELY secure form. This means your data will be scrambled BEFORE it even leaves your computer and can only be deciphered by the predestinated receiving computer. It can not be read by anyone or anything except NetBilling's system.

2. How will I know I can safely join? Many people have second thoughts about  making payments on the Internet, since it is hard to establish if the site really offers what it says it will and since it is difficult to establish if the site will still be there tomorrow. has been set up and is run by a very successful business person.  She has the income and time to be sure that the site gives you all you expect of it and will be online for many years. We don't "cut" corners in any way.  Our site is hosted by Zentek Hosting, a "main line" hosting company with a business division that hosts thousands of business sites in the world.  They have a server "up time" that runs close to 99.8%.  They are not cheap or free but they are the best we could find.  In an effort to make sure your money and information is safe, we have teamed up with NetBilling, a specialized company that handles the credit card and online check payments.

3. What information will show up on my credit card bill or my checking account statement?  If  you sign up online your credit card will show a billing by Retro Digest. If you sign by online check your statement will show a debit to Retro Digest. 

4. How do I cancel, and what control do I have over my Membership?  Great Question!! It is extremely easy to cancel/discontinue your membership at ANY time.  You have full and total control. Simply follow this link:

If you are having troubles with this link, you can ALWAYS write me at  On top of that, you can Always expect a response in less than 24 hours, if you do not receive a response (maybe because of the spam filters, or a mistyping) PLEASE write me at (as I am sure that at least one of my email addresses will get your message, thank you for your patience)

5. Can I use other forms of payment? Yes. If you follow the links to the "Other Ways to Pay" pages you will be given the option to pay for your membership by mail, phone or "Auto Check." 

6. Do you have a Customer Service phone number.  How else can I contact you?  Unlike many other online membership sites, if you have a problem that can not be answered or is not solved online you can talk to a "real live person".  Our customer service phone number is 714-870-4867.  The best time to call is between 9:00am and 5:00pm in the afternoon, Pacific Coast Time (USA). We also have live online support that you access where ever you see the button (one is located above).   This is a "real person" not automated responses from a computer database. 

7. When do I get my password?  You choose your username and password before you even sign-up!  After you have completed the online subscription form, and you are approved, a receipt is shown on the page (which you should save) and a link is provided to immediately start using your membership. This may take a few minutes, please be patient. You will receive both an on screen and an email acknowledgement of your payment.  

8. What kind of updates do you do and how often are the done?  We do continuous updates throughout the month.  We guarantee no less than 50 items to and a combined total of 800-1000 items on the other sister sites per month. A list of the number of expected updates can be found each month at

9. Will I receive anything via normal (snail) mail?  No. The  is an entirely Internet based operation. All information you need is forwarded to you via email only.

10. What is your policy on privacy of member information?  The does not store any of your credit card/check processing information, that information is protected and stored by NetBilling.  The  is based in California in The United States of America. Since we are a USA organization, USA privacy legislation is applicable, which in simple terms means no one has access to member information without your permission. Members have the right to review their personal data stored by Retro Digest and amend it.  You will be given an anonymous and unique user id upon subscription. This ID is the only info you need to send us in the event you have membership related questions.

11. How will I know what to do after I join?  After you have completed the online subscription form, and you are approved, a receipt is shown on the page (which you should save) and a link is provided to immediately start using your membership! 

12. What if I have any more questions?  You can e-mail me at or call me 714-870-4867.