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The spankings rendered in SpankingToons can vary in appearance from humerous and romantic to provocatively erotic. Often there are a series of colorful images to tell a story, at other times a single cover, splash or panel can tell the story or an image might leave you to your own solitary interpretretation. Comic books are not the only place SpankingToons can be found. From mainstream to fetish orientated, magazines, books and periodicals also present delineations.

An OTK session of spanks can occur in any theme or setting. Comic book genres such as wild westerns, loving romance or chaotic crime were the settings where naughty and tyranical women ran rampant. It was not uncommon for a wayward woman, or teenager to be spanked by a suitor, a stranger, a hero or a family member. The motives for the spankings are similar, disciplinary! A remedy or solution that is immediately needed delivered for all occasions.
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